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Relatively Upset

“Well Marge, what a lovely couple!”, Ken pronounced as they drove off the drive. “You really think so?” was the frosty response. Ken sighed. The day had started so well… Marge was bubbling with excitement; they were driving to see … Continue reading

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Wedding Belles

“Biggest mistake of her life this is” Connie was never the one for keeping her opinions to herself, and Julie was on the receiving end of the entire wedding collection. “Really? I think they make a lovely couple” she ventured. … Continue reading

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Dream Date

The working men’s club reeked of stale beer and cigarettes. Its nicotine-stained walls had witnessed many decades of working-class chatter; the rough parquet floor scuffed by hob-nailed boots, Nike Air and everything in between. At the bar Keith was bored; … Continue reading

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The Strangest Feline

Kim had recently moved to Alderley, having accepted the post of editor-in-chief at “Glad-rags and Handbags” magazine. She’d fallen in love with the Gothic Victorian house at the end of the tree-lined avenue. It had been on the market for … Continue reading

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Hello Bill

Bill had been persuaded by his mate Chris that the blind date would be ‘a great idea’. Now he stood, terrified, outside the village hall dressed in his best suit, the smell of soap and Old Spice aftershave pervading the … Continue reading

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A Bolt From The Blue

“… and I do hereby declare that Peregrine Watt is duly elected as Member of Parliament for the Shrewslow constituency”. The announcement, when it came, was met with a stunned silence. In such a safe seat for the Labour party, … Continue reading

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The Drystone Miles

As the sun rose, John walked the drystone miles that made up Hollyoak; the farm that had been in his family for countless generations. The peaty bog sucked and slurped under his boots. This high on the moor, even in … Continue reading

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