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Tsunami Time

Night holds the land chill, muted bowl of darkened emptiness. Sun rises slowly towards the rim. A blaze of light colour and warmth spill over torrent tumbling over tapestry fields swept shadows. Eddies of birdsong chorus and fill soft silence. … Continue reading

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I broach the hill, pause to drink in visual vista; ambrosia. Below the Lakes sit under sheets of pallid cloud; droplets form and grow on every grassy blade and leaf. Daylight dims, trees retire into misty veil eerie silence descends. … Continue reading

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Autumn Dancers

Leaves change into finest gold and scarlet gowns then fall to join the dance. A car speeds past and in its wake, they rise and weave. in chorus pirouette reel, spin and wheel; dancing for their lives. Then, glory spent … Continue reading

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Everything that ever caused a tear to trickle down my cheek, I ran away and hid from. I built walls with bricks of indifference, mortared insensitivity, hermetically sealed, in stiff upper lip English bond. Now, the walls crack, everything is … Continue reading

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My Bunny Valentine

She raised herself onto her haunches and gave her paw several licks, before pulling down her right ear and giving it a thorough clean. He adored the way her nose and whiskers twitched, and the way she would gently bump … Continue reading

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Just A Normal Day

The day started as normal… rise at 05:00, toilet, shower, shave, dress then on the road for work. On autopilot, I took the sweeping country roads in my stride, thinking about the day ahead and the usual bag of crock … Continue reading

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A seed wakes. Moisture seeps through every pore and it swells in delight at the life giving gift. Slowly she stretches her roots down through the warm, rich earth; sipping at the offered moisture and nutrition. Instinctively knowing where she … Continue reading

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