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A Walk In The Park

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, evil genius and all-round bad guy, sat at the centre of the massive operations room of his organised crime society called Spectre, or the “SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”. Around him, the inside of … Continue reading

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An Olde English Fictionary

A big hide bound volume this book of the dead, spine is well thumbed, its legends unsaid gut wrenching fictions and goose-bumping tales rib-tickle stories with board scratchy nails rich vein laid open blood curdled and shred story devoured last … Continue reading

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The Long Wait

The old man walked wearily along the salt-rimed quay, to the bench where he sat facing the cold grey sea, his thoughts many miles and many years away. Watery sunlight broke through the mist, silken silence broken by the foghorn … Continue reading

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An Autumn Date

  Autumn leaves spiral gently to the ground In finest gold and bronze or ruby red they dance and weave in evening breeze. Necklace of silver waterfall fans and dark limpid pools; stream, rain refreshed, chuckles and gurgles, tumbles down … Continue reading

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Heart Of Stone

The four gargoyles sat immutable on the north side of the church roof and stared at the churchyard below. Inside, the churchgoers were celebrating their Harvest Festival; children processing up to the altar and depositing their tins of just-in-date Heinz … Continue reading

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