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Stained Grass Window

Woodland flowers on grassy mat tilt and turn heads toward the sun, floral blocks in every shade and hue colouring misty mat.   Sunbeams stream through hazy air, bathe bracken in soft gilded light, dewdrop rainbows sparkle and shine, stained … Continue reading

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The Scene Is Set

From the Gods, Mother Nature looks down scene laid out below. Footlit horizon, sunshine throws golden light across the stage. Solitary black cloud draws curtain of rain day’s play refreshed, renewed. Wedge of geese cross the set, honk their lines … Continue reading

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Tree Tops

Islands in a sea of mist, the Clees stand tall, patient sun waits to unveil another day. A traveller diving misty ocean, plots a course through hedgerow reef.   Descending, gloom thickens. Car lights pick out ghostly shapes that scuttle … Continue reading

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The Stripper

The birch tree stands there, centre stage, in crimson, gold and purple sage. She flutters, then in windy flurry, her burlesque show begins to scurry. Swaying now in stiffening breeze, her branches shimmy, dance, then tease. Now, revealed in all … Continue reading

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Autumn Ball

Leaves change into finest gowns of scarlet and gold  then fall to join the dance.   A car speeds past and in its wake, they rise and weave.   in chorus pirouette reel, spin and wheel; dancing for their lives.   Then, … Continue reading

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Misty Morning

Severn flows, relentless, sinuous, coursing to the sea.   Misty wraiths, dance and rise within riparian bounds.   Soft, still air blankets fields, while ghostly trees stand guard.   A pheasant calls, then silken silence descends and all is calm … Continue reading

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A Breath OF Fresh Air

A chill wind stirred the leaves; they danced and pirouetted, skittering across the grass toward the old bench. The old man sat and stared into the wind, his pale skeletal hands resting on top of a twisted, gnarled walking stick. … Continue reading

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