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Stained Grass Window

Woodland flowers on grassy mat tilt and turn heads toward the sun, floral blocks in every shade and hue colouring misty mat.   Sunbeams stream through hazy air, bathe bracken in soft gilded light, dewdrop rainbows sparkle and shine, stained … Continue reading

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Skylark Haiku

Skylark skyward leaps tumbles aloft the summer sky sings of sex and joy.  

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Love Bites and Barbecues

Jonathan stood outside the big house, set back at the end of a secluded tree lined avenue. Inside the bell rang, deep and sonorous, and Jarvis the family butler answered the door. ‘You rang Sir?’ ‘Oh! Am I at the … Continue reading

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Autumn Ball

Leaves change into finest gowns of scarlet and gold  then fall to join the dance.   A car speeds past and in its wake, they rise and weave.   in chorus pirouette reel, spin and wheel; dancing for their lives.   Then, … Continue reading

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Butterfly, minuscule tiles on rainbow wings beauteous scales colourful rich examplar of Gods perfect design.  

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