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Love Bites and Barbecues

Jonathan stood outside the big house, set back at the end of a secluded tree lined avenue. Inside the bell rang, deep and sonorous, and Jarvis the family butler answered the door. ‘You rang Sir?’ ‘Oh! Am I at the … Continue reading

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Dragon his heels

Gawain was hunting deer in the valley high above the settlement and had just aimed an arrow at the chest of a magnificent stag. Suddenly the stag raised its head, listened intently for a moment then bounded off into the … Continue reading

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Heroes all

Ordinary men in troubled times On decks we stand and cry, Fearful, afraid, uncertain yet all prepared to die   Landing craft pitch and heave bump and ride the tide Ramps grind then fall open; the gates of hell flung … Continue reading

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Here To Help

Woken by a loud knock on the door, Paul rose unsteadily from the old chesterfield and grabbed his walking stick. The two-up, two-down was a mess; the filthy windows hidden behind grimy, greasy nets, the sticky carpet partially hidden beneath … Continue reading

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Seventy Years Of Washing

Ordinary men in troubled timesOn decks we stand and cry,Fearful, afraid, uncertainyet all prepared to die Landing craft pitch and heavebump and ride the tideRamps grind then fall;the gates of hell flung wide Young soldiers all, we surge and runthrough … Continue reading

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An Olde English Fictionary

A big hide bound volume this book of the dead, spine is well thumbed, its legends unsaid gut wrenching fictions and goose-bumping tales rib-tickle stories with board scratchy nails rich vein laid open blood curdled and shred story devoured last … Continue reading

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Diary of an Innocent

5th June At last we’re moving! We’re on our way to the docks and it sounds like this may be it! The drills, the practice and the secrecy are done with. We’re all pretty excited. It’ll be good to hit … Continue reading

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