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“That’ll do nicely!”

Bottle green cork popped sits On cloth pure white Contents warm and breathe Heady scent of black grape gifts Angels share anew Bottle tips and pours Claret glugs into bulbous glass Final drop catches and falls Ripples settle Leggy wash … Continue reading

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Geometry of Life

Matthew was a bit of a square but he was besotted with Crystal and all her facets. She was a true diamond. Bright and beautiful, she was always straight with him. They’d met at a Circus – she was a … Continue reading

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The Scene Is Set

From the Gods, Mother Nature looks down scene laid out below. Footlit horizon, sunshine throws golden light across the stage. Solitary black cloud draws curtain of rain day’s play refreshed, renewed. Wedge of geese cross the set, honk their lines … Continue reading

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Little ball of joy

Surreptitious glance from snotty child. Moment chosen, finger poised, bliss! Digging for nose gold!

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Love Bites and Barbecues

Jonathan stood outside the big house, set back at the end of a secluded tree lined avenue. Inside the bell rang, deep and sonorous, and Jarvis the family butler answered the door. ‘You rang Sir?’ ‘Oh! Am I at the … Continue reading

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Fallen Two

Winter whitened lock-in Crackle log fire flicker shadows dancing hot bubble bath soak Ella delights the ears. Sounds of Spring birdsong chorus singing joy to a bright new day smell of freesias fills my body with aromatic desire. Summer sun embrocation penetrating, relaxing, soothing Chilled Chablis … Continue reading

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Inspection – a Haiku

Blossom buds in vase like new, the house, is gleaming In-laws come to judge.  

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