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Jed stared out of the window; outside, dark clouds scudded across a leaden sky. Fat drops of rain spattered on the glass, their percussive beat tapping out a long forgotten rhythm. “It’s raining; it’s pouring.” He smiled at the memory. … Continue reading

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A Walk In The Dark

“No, absolutely not! I can’t do it Helen and I won’t do it!” Rose was almost in tears, her agoraphobia piqued by the suggestion that she should go for a walk outside with her friend Helen. Helen held her hand … Continue reading

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Hush Little Baby

Holly snuggled down into her quilt and once again forced her eyes shut; terrified that Santa wouldn’t come if she couldn’t get to sleep. She and Jacquie, her Mummy, had moved into the old thatched cottage after her Daddy was … Continue reading

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Hello Bill

Bill had been persuaded by his mate Chris that the blind date would be a great idea. Now he stood cold and paralysed by nerves, outside the village hall. Music from the “Abba Revival” organised by the school fundraising committee … Continue reading

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Gull cries his goodnight wish, then banks and surfs the waves. Sun dips into the horizon, then quenched by the sea, its warmth diminishes and dies. Steely grey, waves cast an ozone chill into now still nighttime air.

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Blues and Twos

Full moon sits aloft and beams a smile through diamond-studded velvet darkness onto an urban landscape below. A billion frosty sequins adorn each surface; glisten in the silver glow. Harsh neon cuts the air, poor attempt to match natures glory. … Continue reading

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