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Vicious Circle

Matt was a bit of a square but he was besotted with Crystal and all her facets. She was a true diamond. Bright and beautiful, she was always straight with him. They’d met at a Circus – she was a … Continue reading

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Everything seems so beautiful, Since I found the sky, shining in your eyes, Since I heard the breeze sigh, as it dallied through your hair, Since I felt my fingers tremble, as they lingered on your skin, Since my lips tasted … Continue reading

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Bunny Valentine

Soft breeze ruffles downy fur carries new grass scent and fertile earth to keen rabbit nose.   Doe rises onto haunches licks cottontail paw then pulls down long ear to comb and clean.   Buck adores the way her nose … Continue reading

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The Strangest Feline

Kim had recently moved to Alderley, having accepted the post of editor-in-chief at “Glad-rags and Handbags” magazine. She’d fallen in love with the Gothic Victorian house at the end of the tree-lined avenue. It had been on the market for … Continue reading

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Hush Little Baby

Holly snuggled down into her quilt and once again forced her eyes shut; terrified that Santa wouldn’t come if she couldn’t get to sleep. She and Jacquie, her Mummy, had moved into the old thatched cottage after her Daddy was … Continue reading

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Hello Bill

Bill had been persuaded by his mate Chris that the blind date would be a great idea. Now he stood cold and paralysed by nerves, outside the village hall. Music from the “Abba Revival” organised by the school fundraising committee … Continue reading

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The sickly smell of death and decay mingled with cordite in the chill, night air. Soaking wet and slowly freezing in the darkness, Corporal William Harman MM lay broken and bleeding in the sodden shell hole. Scattered all around him … Continue reading

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