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A Walk In The Park

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, evil genius and all-round bad guy, sat at the centre of the massive operations room of his organised crime society called Spectre, or the “SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”. Around him, the inside of … Continue reading

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The Long Wait

The old man walked wearily along the salt-rimed quay, to the bench where he sat facing the cold grey sea, his thoughts many miles and many years away. Watery sunlight broke through the mist, silken silence broken by the foghorn … Continue reading

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Terminal Blow?

Jenny was thrilled! Now 4 years old she had been allowed into the garden for her first ever bonfire, and it had been every bit as wonderful as she’d hoped.  Snuggled up in her wellies, duffle coat, woollen scarf, hat and … Continue reading

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Kim sat back in the plush executive chair, and stared around at the office she’d just acquired. The smell of antique leather and wood pervaded the air, the aura of luxury enhanced by thick carpet and expensive paintings on the … Continue reading

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